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11 October
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So this is my journal:

Bits and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of my life..

Look through the round window and see another world (for those of you who live in Australia, you might get my random reference from childhood).

So who am I?

A tv-holic, bookaholic, country living Australian girl, who spends way too much time sitting on my behind playing on the net, or for any of my other hobbies. That said, I try to go walking or something most days. Or ride to work in 50km/h wind gusts...

I moved to Melbourne late December/early January. And started to work as a croupier, which for some reason guys seem to find much more interesting than any of my other jobs... I deal Black Jack mostly at this stage.

I love cooking and have stripped and re-built the kitchen (in the unit I own but no longer live in... shame I couldn't take the kitchen with me... but anyway...). I prefer to cook for other people, rather than myself, and used to be well known for taking desserts into work (haven't been doing that for ages).

I am a little obsessed with cross stitch at the moment, and have about 10 works-in-progress and about another 20 ready to go. I maintain a monthly Stich-A-long community - mirastitchers. I attempt to sew clothes with or without a pattern, and keep contemplating making a Victorian style corset (For outer wear) but am not sure when or where I would actually wear it... stil in theory it would be entertaining to attempt.

I have a somewhat psycho cat named Max, who decided to live with me in March 2007 - he turned up on my doorstep. His current favourite game is to dash across a room, jump up and grab someones leg, and then run off. This is ok if you have jeans or similar on... but not if you are wearing a skirt (as the scratches on my leg show...)

Anyway, that is me... and my life in progress :D

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